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MTML Projects and Publications

Making the Connection – Adult Literacy and Academic Upgrading Referral Guide – developed to help frontline workers at employment centres, social service agencies and community programs. It is designed to help identify clients who are eligible for adult literacy and upgrading programs and assist in making appropriate referrals.

Basic Skills Screener – Questionnaire: 

Literacy Screening Tool – English – designed to help identify clients who could benefit from adult literacy and skills upgrading programs, available in English and French.

Literacy Screening Tool – French 

Common Assessment and Information & Referral Agreements and Protocols – outlines agreements and protocols that are held in common by member service providers of the Toronto and York Region/Bradford Local Literacy Committees – agreements related to Common Assessment and Information and Referral services and agreements for Service Coordination and Referral.

ESL/Literacy Pathways: website and resource materials providing comprehensive information and assessment guides to help identify various learning pathways, including information and guidance about English as a Second Language (ESL) and Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) programs. 

Quick Reference Guide to Adult Learning Pathways – resource material to compliment the website. 

Research Project “Exploring Learner Pathways – Meeting at the LBS/ESL Intersections”:

Final Report – Exploring Learner Pathways – final report focused on the needs of Anglophone-stream low-level LBS learners whose mother tongue is other than English. 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT- Report on Integrated Workforce Essential Skills Pre-Culinary Program – in partnership with PTP.  This project aimed to develop and deliver an integrated workforce literacy and essential skills pre-culinary program for marginalized adults.  The report includes a program description and its outcomes as experienced by students and frontline staff. 

MTML 2015/2016 Research Brief Series:

Volume 1The New Definition of Literacy

Volume 2Changing Work, Changing Skills: Challenges and Opportunities for Older Workers in the Modern Economy

Volume 3: Wrapping around Success: Literacy and Basic Skills Programs and the Goal of Employability

Volume 4: Learning for Newcomers: Literacy and English as a Second Language

Volume 5: Literacy and Health

Volume 6: Literacy, Apprenticeship and Vocational Training

Volume 7: Going Above and Beyond: Literacy as a Springboard to Higher Education

Research Project “Creating Pathways of Learning Support for Employment Ontario Clients with Learning Disabilities”:

Current Best Practices and Supportive Interventions for Learners and Clients with Learning Disabilities – a toolkit for literacy practitioners and front-line social service providers.

Finding Our Own Ways: Adults and Learning Disabilities – a toolkit for adults who self-identify with having a learning disability.

Research Report: Creating Pathways of Learning Support for Employment Ontario Clients with Learning Disabilities – full research report

Understanding Learning Disabilities: Definitions and Accommodations – research brief #1

Concurrent Challenges for Adults Dealing with Learning Disability – research brief #2


MTML Labour Market Information Guide  – a plain language guide for learners who want to know more about how LMI can help them find employment opportunities.