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Literacy and Basic Skills  Improve reading, writing and math skills for work and life, from beginner to grade 9 levels

Academic Upgrading – For learners who have not completed high school, but want to complete high school or obtain their grade 12 equivalency. Programs are also available for those who have finished high school but need to upgrade their skills and knowledge to prepare for college entry, or to begin an apprenticeship. 

ACE Program – “Academic and Career Entrance” (ACE) is an adult upgrading program delivered through community colleges in Ontario and in partnerships between community literacy organizations and local colleges.  The ACE Certificate is grade 12 equivalent and is recognized by colleges and apprenticeship offices in Ontario.  (Not recognized by universities). 

GED Preparation – Complete an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate.  These programs are open to Ontario residents aged 18 and older who have not completed the OSSD (Ontario Secondary School Diploma) or Grade 12 equivalency, and have been out of school for at least one year. 

Programs for Aboriginal Learners – For learners who are Aboriginal, adult literacy and skills upgrading programs in levels 1 to 5.  These programs incorporate traditional Aboriginal culture and teachings.

Programs for Deaf and Deaf/Blind Learners For learners who are deaf and deaf/blind, adult literacy programs in levels 1 to 5.

Programs for Francophone Learners – For learners whose first language is French, or who are most comfortable in a Francophone learning environment.  Adult literacy instruction is available in levels 1 to 5.  


Search the Literacy Access Network for Toronto and York Region or call us to find a program in your area. 

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